Monday, August 23, 2010

Way to long!

Welp friends it has been way to long! Since I have last blogged I got married, got a new job and moved to Nashville. As you can imagine I have been busy. I am a Nanny now. I Nanny a 15 month boy named Dino and a 2 weeks old baby named Byrd. Yep I spelled and told you those names right it's Byrd and Dino. Although in a book their mother gave me to record the day I always spell Byrd like Bryd. Who would of thought Grace flipping letters. I think i have caught myself before she saw. I don't want her to think I just can't spell Byrd. She doesn't know I am dyslexic yet. I haven't decided if that is going to come up or not. P.S. my husband is sitting beside me watching me type this and he keeps trying to correct me. He is a grammar man and he just can't control himself. It's quite funny that he ended up marrying me! The job has been fun so far and kind of challenging. I started watching Byrd when he was 4 days old!!!!!! That was scary and fun. I don't know how long I will be doing this Nanny thing. I enjoy it but really want to be a mommy and not a Nanny. Don't tell Mark. It really stresses him out! We are having dinner with the Johnson's tonight or as my father likes to call them Halloween, don't ask it will just confuse you more. They are super busy with their being awesome musicians life so it is nice to get to hang with them. I am on a mission to find girl friends in Nashville. My Memphis girls are so great I am dying without them here. Jess did come to see me this weekend and we had a blast! Went to Satco, Sweet Ceces, Urban Outfitters, PM and Fido. All in one day.

Thats all for now. I would upload a picture to go with this blog but Comcast sucks so I am stealing internet till they get their act together and don't have enough to get the picture thing to come up. You will just have to deal visual people! I have to go because my husband wants to play me the new song he wrote about us fighting... Oh I just can't wait! not


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