Friday, November 19, 2010

oldie but a goodie with a little something new..

Dyslexic Symptom
  • Reads and rereads with little comprehension.
This post is old but a good one. I forgot I had written it when I was teaching and the school said I should probably wait till I move to post it... :) you will see why.

So as we talked about in past post I am not a lover of reading! I however read all the time at school and when I am a teacher or researching. I like to go further than my text book in my High School history class.. Oh and by the way if you didn't know I teach at a small Christian school for kids with learning disabilities. Ironic, no.. Back to my history class, I love art and learning about it so I also love to teach about it. When we were learning about Stonehenge, well what there is to learn about that mystery, I gave them a hangout to read that I had "read over" and gathered questions from. Apparently my dyslexic self did not read the entire thing completely through because of my class of high school BOYS I gave them a hangout that says quote". Modern-day interpretations are no less colorful: some argue that Stonehenge is a spacecraft landing area for aliens, and even more say it's a giant fertility symbol in the shape of female genitalia." I GAVE THEM A PAPER TALKING ABOUT STONEHENGE SHAPED LIKE FEMALE GENITALIA!! O my goodness!!! How did I miss that?! Luckily for me I work at a place that really understands learning disabilities and doesn't hold that completely against me!

Something up to date, we just went on a free vacation to Disney World and LOVED it. We got to go to all the parks and a VIP tour where we got to skip everyone in line.. It was amazing! Wanna see?


  1. I would like to take credit for this blog since I told you that you needed an update :) And, OMG about the paper!

  2. I thought of 4 jokes and they were all inappropriate, but I posted anyway because I want you to know that I still read your blog. So you should write more often.